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  1. Ford C-Max Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid Confirmed for Europe
  2. Lexus HS250h Not Meeting Sales Targets
  3. Volkswagen Golf, Jetta and Passat Hybrid Models Coming, Starting in 2012
  4. Next-Gen Insight Will Beat Prius in Fuel-Economy Says Honda CEO
  5. Cars.com Releases Greenest Cities List, Ranking Popularity of Hybrids
  6. Mugen Honda CR-Z Demo Car Spotted in the Wild
  7. Chevy Volt MPV5 Concept Debuts at Beijing Auto Show
  8. New Honda CR-Z Mega Gallery Delivers More of the Sporty Hybrid Than You Can Handle
  9. Report: Toyota Prius Minivan Coming in 2011 With Lithium-Ion Battery
  10. Voltec-Powered Chevy Orlando Concept to Debut at Beijing Auto Show
  11. Report: Honda Planning Volt-Style Range Extender Powertrain
  12. Report: Honda Planning Larger, More Powerful Hybrid Coupe
  13. 2010 New York Auto Show News Coverage
  14. 2010 New York Auto Show Preview
  15. PSA: Toyota Instructional Video Teaches What to do in Case of Unintended Acceleration
  16. Investigation of Runaway Prius Uncovers Incident was a Hoax
  17. Spoon CR-Z Under Development from Legendary Honda Tuner
  18. Lexus CT200h to get North American Debut at New York Auto Show
  19. Geneva 2010: Second-Generation Volkswagen Touareg Debuts With New Hybrid Model
  20. Geneva 2010: Infiniti M35 Hybrid World Premiere is Short on Details
  21. Geneva 2010: Ferrari to Offer Hybrid Versions of All Models by 2014
  22. Geneva 2010: 2011 Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid World Premiere
  23. Geneva 2010: Lexus CT200h Takes Full Hybrid Technology to the Premium Compact Segment
  24. 2010 Geneva Auto Show Coverage
  25. Mugen CR-Z Accessories Officially Announced
  26. Report: Honda CR-Z Type-R Planned With 200-Horsepower
  27. 2010 Geneva Auto Show Preview
  28. Lexus CT200h Teased Ahead of Geneva Auto Show Debut
  29. Report: Toyota Turns-Down Award for Recalled Prius
  30. 2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid Review
  31. Chicago Auto Show 2010 Coverage on AutoGuide.com
  32. Recall: Toyota Officially Recalls 2010 Prius and Lexus HS250h for ABS Brake Issues
  33. Report: Toyota Expands Brake Investigation to Cover All Hybrids
  34. Breaking: Toyota to Recall Prius Hybrid
  35. Chicago Preview: Kia Ray Plug-In Hybrid Concept Teased Again
  36. Report: Toyota Admits New Prius Did Have Brake Problems
  37. Report: 2010 Prius Now Officially Under Investigation by NHTSA for Faulty Brakes
  38. Report: Apple Co-Founder Says His Prius Has Software-Related Unintended Acceleration
  39. Report: Honda Insight Sales Struggling Because it's Too Small, Says Exec
  40. Report: Acura TSX Will be First Hybrid Model from Honda's Luxury Division
  41. Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: J's Racing Honda Insight and S2000
  42. Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Honda's Insight Goes Modulo
  43. Report: Cadillac Converj Headed for Production Says Lutz
  44. Honda Insight Sports Modulo Concept Focuses on Exciting Eco
  45. Detroit 2010: Honda CR-Z World Premiere
  46. Detroit 2010: Toyota FT-CH Concept Previews Compact Prius Model
  47. 2010 Detroit Auto Show Coverage
  48. Breaking: Scion iQ Hybrid Coming in 2011
  49. OnStar Introduces Chevrolet Volt Smartphone App
  50. 2010 Detroit Auto Show Preview
  51. Leaked: Honda CR-Z Video Stills Slip Out
  52. Surprise: Audi Q5 Hybrid Coming in Less Than 12 Months
  53. Detroit Preview: Secret Toyota Hybrid Concept A Subcompact
  54. Leaked: More Honda CR-Z Hybrid Photos Give Detailed Look at Interior, Engine
  55. Report: Mazda to Source Toyota Hybrid Technology for Future Green Vehicles
  56. Report: Ford Plug-In Hybrid Due in 2011, Electric Car Next Year
  57. Report: Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Officially Launched With Retail Sales in 2011
  58. Detroit Preview: New Toyota Dedicated Hybrid Concept to Debut in Detroit
  59. Report: Next Generation Nissan GT-R Could Be a 600-hp Hybrid
  60. Report: Land Rover to Launch Diesel Hybrid Range Rover Sport Model in 2012
  61. Report: First Photos of Mugen-Tuned Honda CR-Z Leaked
  62. Leaked: Honda CR-Z Revealed as Official Brochure Sneaks Out
  63. LA 2009: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Makes M Power, Passable Fuel Economy
  64. LA 2009: Mitsubishi Shows Off Hybrid Capability With PX-MiEV Crossover Concept
  65. LA 2009: Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and Turbo Models Due Out Next Year
  66. LA 2009: BMW Declares War on Lexus LS Hybrid with 455-hp ActiveHybrid 7
  67. LA 2009: BMW's Futuristic Turbo-Diesel Plug-in Hybrid Arrives in LA
  68. LA 2009: First Chevy Volts to Hit the Road in California, Starting Late Next Year
  69. 2009 LA Auto Show Coverage On AutoGuide.com
  70. 2009 LA Auto Show Preview
  71. Report: Toyota Shelves Plans for Entry-Level Prius I Model
  72. LA Preview: Subaru Announces Hybrid Engine for 2012
  73. Report: BMW's Wild Turbo-Diesel Plug-In Hybrid Concept Car Headed to LA Auto Show
  74. Report: Prius Could Supplant Camry as Toyota's Top Seller Says Company Exec
  75. Report: Toyota Planning Larger Prius Variant
  76. 2010 Lexus HS250h Premium: First Drive
  77. Report: Don't Rule Out High-Performance Volt SS says GM Marketing Boss Bob Lutz
  78. Breaking: GM Confirms Cadillac Converj Plug-In Hybrid Will See Production
  79. SEMA 2009: Modified Insight Makes Sure Prius Isn't the Only Tuned Hybrid at SEMA
  80. SEMA 2009: Five Axis Priuses Make Going Green Stylish… and Blue
  81. 2009 SEMA Show Coverage
  82. SEMA Show Preview 2009
  83. Frankfurt Auto Show 2009
  84. Frankfurt Auto Show 2009 Preview
  85. Ontario looks to jolt electric car market
  86. Ford PHEV Gets 120 mpg for First 30 Miles
  87. Ford Escape Hybrids Save Lives, Cut Fuel on LA Beaches
  88. Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrids Will Hit the Streets This Year
  89. Toyota Prius Is The Top Selling Car in Japan in May
  90. 2010 Honda Insight Review
  91. Mercedes Launches ML450 Hybrid
  92. New York Auto Show
  93. Geneva Auto Show 2009
  94. World's Fastest Hybrid Revealed: Giugiaro Vamir?
  95. Hybrid Owners More Brand Loyal Than Other Buyers, We Make Zero Smug Jokes
  96. Lightweight Urban Transit Bus Has Double The Fuel Efficiency Of Conventional Hybrid
  97. GM partners with utilities to advance plug-in hybrids
  98. Metso to build Fisker Karma hybrid car in Finland
  99. Chrysler readies for hybrid, diesel minivans
  100. Eco-friendly hybrid trucks, On the way!
  101. Renting a car? Consider hybrid and other eco-friendly options
  102. Hybrids Fly Off Lot at Record Speed
  103. Nissan reportedly considering entry into the sporty hybrid market
  104. Green Car of the Year 2008 Announced
  105. Ford Delivers First-Ever Plug-In Hybrid Capable Of Running On E85
  106. New Fuel Cell Developed by Toyota for Hybrid 'FCHV-adv'
  107. Hybrid Technologies Building 220mpg Supercar That's Faster Than ZR1
  108. Hybrid Honda CR-Z Gets Green Light
  109. Is buying a used car greener than buying a new hybrid?
  110. Honda Announces Additional Details on New Small Hybrid Vehicle
  111. BMW/PSA engines to be used in more than just the MINI, 7-series hybrid coming
  112. More people buying hybrid cars
  113. GM's hybrid SUV duo win Best Engineered Vehicle from SAE
  114. Extra premium of $5,000 applied to some hard-to-find hybrid SUVs
  115. Peterbilt builds electric and hydraulic hybrids